2014 in a review that probably no one will read

Almost every blogger writes a (mostly) long recap of 2014. This is the first time, I write mine in another language.... well, I can't even remember, if I wrote any recap on this blog, I’m too lazy to check.

2014 was a good year for me as a young "wannabe game designer", but a really bad one as a player. I barely played any tabletop games this year. I managed to make a short campaign of Dungeon World online, I took part in about 8 sessions of Afterbomb Madness (where I played as an zombie-cleric guy) and there were also some silly one-shots (everything online!), and... that's it. Most of my games are now played purely through Roll20, since my old gaming group now stays in various other cities, where they study.

On a plus side - I found a good job and I managed to buy most games I always wanted to own: Maid RPG, Golden Sky Stories, Call of Cthulhu and the German game Los Muertos.

So, when it comes to designing games - 2014 was awesome! The guys (well, actually one guy and two gals ;-)) at Three Sages Games helped me publish my supplement for Swords & Wizardry: ReArm Yourself!. So right here, I would like to thank them, and I hope, we can somehow continue to work in the future.

I also translated a small, silly game called Schoolgirl RPG, made by Ewen Cluney from Yaruki Zero Games. I love how the game looks (with new cover), and I really hope, that at least a few polish players will buy this book and play yet. Yes, I know it's really kawaii and embarrassing, but come on, it's fun.
Thanks Ewen for the materials.

Wacky Love from the Warehouse of Trinkets was a small project, which I translated on Valentine’s Day. Just like Dungeonslayers, you can download it on my blog.

So, that's America. Now it's time for Germany.

The translation of NIP'AJIN and Kurai Jikan from Ludus Leonis was an interesting experience... It helped me learn how to write in those God forsaken LaTeX programs. I also really liked Kurai Jikan, and the game mechanics as a whole. I also noticed, that Marcus has now started a crowdfunding campaign for NIP'AJIN Shots - here is the link: https://www.startnext.de/nipajin-shots

Dungeonslayers was another interesting, German project, that helped me to understand the functions of Libre Office better. I had to rebuild the whole book from scratch, but it came out quite nicely. You can still download the polish version on my blog, just open the chest on the right.

So... what about my own projects? As always, I'm not very happy with them. Goregrind Apocalypse was promising, but it still doesn't have everything I wanted it to have. Maybe I will release a second edition or something.

Right now i'm working on a BIG project called Branvaga. It is a traditional barbarian fantasy tabletop game, which makes a bit fun of old-school titles.

What will 2015 bring? I'm not sure. I want to finish Branvaga and I'm planning to make some more translations, but mostly - I want to find some new players, so that I can actually PLAY tabletop games, rather than talk or write about them.

See you next year!

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