Suddenly... Fireball in english!?

Fireball (Fajerbol in Poland and Feüerbäll in Germany) is a quick & fun Polish indie game about mighty warriors and powerful wizards. I translated the game to german, but now it is also available in English! The translation was made by a user named Dextolen.

So... what's so special about Fireball? With one 6d6 throw you can generate everything you need to play - a hero (together with race, class and backstory!) and a quest. The game itself was originally making fun of the OSR movement, but after a few test, we polished the rules a bit and released it as a full game, designed for Cons and short meetings.

You can view and download the English version here.

The German version is here.

Feel free to make your own modifications. This game was made to be houseruled!

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